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Hi people~

I decided to organize myself in the social networks, so I made an Art Blog on tumblr~ I will post there the drawings I can't post here or in facebook lol.

Well... If someone wants to follow me there this is the page:

Also you can see there some artworks that I didn't post here~ 

Thanks for your attention
Kisses~ :heart:

Kuraudia on Facebook
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Hi people~ :heart:

I made an Art page on Facebook.  I will post Drawings, WIPs, livestreams and random projects there...

So if someone wants to see the page and give it a like is this one:

Kuraudia on Facebook

Thanks for your attention
Kisses~ :heart:
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Well my b-day was 2 days ago, I had an awesome day and I want to say: Thanks to everyone for the greetings and gifts that I received...Thank you guys~ That's so sweet~ ;3; :heart:

I love you all!!! :heart:

Thanks for everything ~ Here's a kiss for you, my love!

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I had a problem with this "Folbook Cuadernos" because they used my art without permision and they are selling it as notebooks in Peru...
(You could read the whole story here:… )

They contacted me and promised to pay me and not use my art again.

But I'm so upset right now... Sadly the person who said that was in charge of the project of Folbook Cuadernos (~josematias12345) lied to me. And didn't fulfill the promises. He said he was going to pay me before May 30th, everything was alright when I send a note before that date, but I was busy with college and when my midterms were over, I saw my bank account and he didn't send the remuneration that he promised, I send to him two more notes and he saw them but didn't reply any of them.  My friend just told me that they closed their facebook account, so I can't contact them. Thanks to god I have the personal data of the person who represents Folbook Cuadernos. So I talking with my lawyer asap. And I just made a complaint to Indecopi. 

I need to get help for my complaint, also he isn't only stealing my artwork, I just saw when I was searching for them on google, that they are stealing artwork from other artist here in DA. 

This is so outrageous...

(And to my peruvian friends, please don't buy their notebooks they are just art thieves :c )
Edit 2:  They didn't fulfill their promises... New entry with info:…
Edit: I made an agreement with the person in charge of that project, and he compromised to give me a remuneration for the use of my image and not use my drawing again.

Thanks to everyone for the help and the support.


Hi everyone... Since long time I don't write here... I hope everyone is ok~

I'm having a problem, some peruvian friends told me that they saw my art in some notebooks in Peru, and a friend just show me this:

So this "Folbook Cuadernos" is stealing my art… and selling it as notebooks in Peru...

Nobody asked for my permission, this is so outrageous...

I wanted to know if someone knows how to deal with this kind of things?... I'm thinking of speak with a lawyer... but if someone can suggest anything better, I would be grateful...

Thanks for your attention.
Hello~ Thanks to everyone to the support and interest in our project ( :heart:

The selection process is over and we have the results.

The participants of the Latin Hetalia Artbook Project are:


Again thank you for your support :heart:, sadly we could not choose all who wanted to participate (although we wanted), we are very surprised by the warm welcome and we hope to achieve the expectations of all.

Thank you so much~ :blowkiss:
Hi~ Everyone~ Mi Bro Feasama and me, were planning to make a Latin Hetalia Artbook~:heart:

So we are searching people who wants to participate with us in this project.

The topic of the illustration can be anything you want, (Example: Historical, Cultural, Random, AU, Cool Llama conquering the world, etc) but it has to be Digital Art, full color and for general audiences.

We are going to make a selection of participants and send invitations to the choosen ones~ (We are making a selection because we have a limited number of participants for the budget that we have).

Also to the participants when the project is finished they gonna receive a free artbook and special gifts made by us. :heart:

So if someone is interested to participate with us in this project please send me a note~

Thanks for reading~ :blowkiss:

Hello! Well, today is my birthday~  Is a normal day so far. I'm at college right now, but in a few hours I'm meeting with my family for lunch and then I'm going to hang out with some friends.

First of all I want to say Thanks to everyone for the greetings and gifts that I received...Thank you guys~ That's so sweet of you~ ;3; :heart:

So... since today Kuraudia is updated(?) to her 2.5 Version, is a renovated and optimized version of herself, more creative, more mature, more patriotic and older *ouch*... lol

Thanks for everything ~ :blowkiss:

WHY DA??... The new thumbnails looks messy and too big...
I really don't like them OTL...  

It makes me really unconfortable, I want thumbnails in my gallery aligned and with the same size...  
I want a tidy gallery... Please put the old thumbnails back...

[Edit]: Thanks to fohfuu for the info~
If you want to sign for change to the old thumbnails:
Hola Gentita~ Necesito ayuda /0/...

Si alguno de ustedes es de alguno de esos Países~ Me podrían pasar referencias de trajes típicos por favor~
Los necesito para hacer dibujos ;u; :heart:

Espero que me puedan ayudar~
Gracias de Antemano
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[Edit] Woah... So many notes~... Thanks for the interest~ *u* I gonna work in it this week~ :heart:

My subscription here is almost over~ D:

So... I'm going to open commissions~

:bulletred: 1 character, full body chibi (pixel art) for 3 month membership~ Example:

:bulletred: 1 character, full body normal (CG) for a year membership~ Example:…

If someone want a commission from me~ Send me a note plz~

Kisses :blowkiss:
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The game is over! Now we start the trade part~ :heart:

The list of the winners an their ideas are here:….

Thanks to all the people who participated!! the ideas were so awesome!! :heart:

*runs away to college*

[Edit 3]: Hello~ Today is the last day to send the ideas for the trade Game if you want a Latin Hetalia trade with me, send your idea as soon as you can~ (Info and Rules:…).

[Edit 2]: Some people asked me for more time for send the ideas, so I'm going to add 3 days more, we have time until this

So if you want a latin Hetalia request from me,  send me the idea as soon as you can~ :heart:
Also you can send me a note here if you want to participate.

[Edit]:Today is the last day to send the ideas, (the trade issue is for next week) if you want to play don't forget to read the rules, and have fun~

Thanks to the people who is playing so far, the ideas are awesome! *w* :heart:


Hello Everyone~

If someone is interested, I'm doing a Latin Hetalia: Trade Game on tumblr.

Is an art trade (You make me a drawing or a fic and I will make you a drawing, of whatever you want *from Latin Hetalia*).

More info here:…

Well that's all~

*runs away*
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Hey~ Long time since the last update here~ I'm kind of busy for college... OTL

I hope everyone is ok~

I'm going to be more active here... *I have alot of drawings almost finished* Need to do some homework first~

Also for Latin Hetalia fans I'm working on some interesting projects, that some of you gonna know later... There are 2 surprises 8D.

And I forgot to announce this here so... these are my tumblr accounts:

:bulletred:My art tumblr: (I post drawings, wip stuff, I make some games with drawing rewards, etc.)

:bulletred:The Ask Peru: (Ask Peru from Latin Hetalia)

Well that's all for now...

Kisses :blowkiss:

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OMG what a surprise...

I just came home after being visiting an uncle this morning... Then when I turn on my computer and enter to DA was like: Why there are so many messages?.... D:

And then I saw my drawing "Confederación Peru-Boliviana"… featured as a Daily deviation below my message inbox... And then I screamed: OMG WHAAAAATTTTT? :heart: *lol I Still don't believe it*

I want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart to Minato-Kushina:heart: for the suggestion and MzzAzn for the feature.

Feels so surreal~ *runs in triangles*
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Hi! Well, today is my birthday~  I had a great day with my college friends and my family, I've got 4 cakes at home *That was a way too much OTL* and alot of gifts, I'm full and super tired... But the day was AWESOME so far. :heart:

First of all I want to say Thanks to everyone for the greetings and gifts that I recived...Thank you guys~  That's so sweet...:heart:

So since today Kuraudia is updated(?) to her 2.4 Version, is a renovated and optimized version of herself, more creative, more mature, more patriotic and older... lol

In other topics I'm going to update this week with a few drawings...

Thanks for everything :heart:~


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Lalala Hello~ I'm back on Argentina :heart:, and I supposed to be studing for my final this monday...

But I wanted to draw something~ So:

The first 10 people who comment on this journal will get a sketch or similar, but the topic is Latin Hetalia ONLY (Latin American countries), with the characters of Latin Hetalia community :… :heart:

Sample of the scketch:

1.- :iconnaivara: Argentina & Chile
2.- :iconsparvely: Peru & Chile
3.- :iconmegamimara: Cool Llama human version //Lol te mataré por esto Mara 8'D...
4.- :icongalar: Venezuela & Uruguay
5.- :iconvulcantrekkie45: Mexicos & New England
6.- :iconnikolicious: Peru & Bolivia
7.- :iconmahnati: Brasil & Uruguay
8.- :iconkuribitah: Argentina, Brasil & Chile~
9.- :iconrekyautumn: Peru & Ecuador :heart::heart:
10.- :iconzitenshi: Mexicos

Next week I'm posting this drawings and the others of my last free sketch thing *I have almost all of them finished*...

*runs away to study*

+Commission status: Closed until ...Who knows??... OTL+

:damphyr:The Pending List of the DOOM!!
*Kura-chan in Y! Gallery*
*Kura-chan in Sheezy Art!*

Hello!!!! *Long time since the last update*

I'm back *I was kinda busy with college, and I was without computer like 8 months OTL... lol but I have a new one now... so I'm Back*

Well, today is my birthday~ Triple ten issue [10/10/10] *A*:heart:

First of all I want to say Thanks to everyone for the greetings and gifts that I recived...
Thank you guys~ :heart: That's so sweet...:heart:

So Kuraudia is now in her 2.3 Version, is  a renovated, actualized and optimized version of herself, more creative, more mature, more patriotic and kinda older... lol

So I'm back, I gonna update this week with a few drawings, and other stuff for this page...

So Thanks for everthing!:heart:

BTW *if you doodle with DAMuro here I will answer with a Doodle too 8'D*

+Commission status: Closed until ...Who knows??... OTL+

:damphyr:The Pending List of the DOOM!!
*Kura-chan in Y! Gallery*
*Kura-chan in Sheezy Art!*

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ALL PERUVIANS NEED MILLIONS OF LLAMAS... So give a Llama to save a peruvian(?)lol

lol with peruvian love:heart::heart:


superllama day stamp by MoleyVyrus Give me MORE Llamas by Locou Llama Badge stamp by izka197:thumb159138786:

I'm in Team Edward and I'm not a Twilight fan XDDD... lol too shiny D:... but this is awesome, even the signatures changed XDDDD

:iconkuraudia: //I think he is HAWT even if I don't like the movie D:... But I wanted team Gaga... OTL


:llama::heart: My SUPAH Llama is HAWT *give me llamas plz 8DDDD*

*Runs away 8D*

+Commission status: Closed until ...Who knows??... OTL+

:damphyr:The Pending List of the DOOM!!
*Kura-chan in Y! Gallery*
*Kura-chan in Sheezy Art!*


+ Calendario 2010 - Latin Hetalia+

Fri Jan 29, 2010, 2:03 PM
Hola 8D...
Vengo a hacer propaganda al último proyecto en que participé asi que compren 8D plz... :heart:

Bueno Rowein junto con Cris-Art tuvieron la AWESOME idea de hacer un calendario de Latin Hetalia…
Me amenazaron invitaron y obviamente acepté 8D...

Esta es la imagen promocional:

Las HAWT(?) artistas participantes son:


Si quieren adquirirlo escriban al mail, y cualquier consulta o duda al respecto me la dejan acá asi yo voy corriendo y les aviso a los demás y se las saco 8D....

Compren plz... este calendario es Awesome Sauce 8D... lol

*huye randommente*

+Commission status: Closed until ...Who knows??... OTL+

:damphyr:The Pending List of the DOOM!!
*Kura-chan in Y! Gallery*
*Kura-chan in Sheezy Art!*

Hello~ lol I'm still without computer but I've got a place to draw near to my new house:heart: so ...

I hope I don't regret this later orz..
Let's begin.... *runs in triangles*

The first 10 people who comment on this journal will get a sketch or similar, free.
However, in return, you must offer 10 free sketches in your own journal.

01 - I will NOT draw your request until I see this in your journal. I know that some people are busy so I don't mind if you do it later..
02 - In your comment, include a link to a reference picture or description of the character you want me to draw.
03 - Only one character per person - remember, this is FREE.

Have fun with this, it's a great way to pass your talents to your fans. *M'KAY....*

1.:icononsta: (In Progress)
2.:iconsasori-master: (In Progress)
3.:icontenshi-no-hikari: (In Progress)
4.:icongrapeicies: (In Progress)
5.:iconalvichi: (In Progress)
6.:iconjullika:(In Progress)
7.:iconidunt:(In Progress)

Plus People I must do because I love them:
11.:iconrowein: (In Progress)
15.:iconakimaro: (In Progress)

Good luck to Everyone... I gonna try to post this on a big dump this week... I hope so ...

*Runs Away*

+Commission status: Closed until ...Who knows??... OTL+

:damphyr:The Pending List of the DOOM!!
*Kura-chan in Y! Gallery*
*Kura-chan in Sheezy Art!*

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